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Introducing our Queen Bee soap, a regal fusion of nature's riches and artisanal craftsmanship, fit for a queen's bath.


This soap is a tribute to the majesty of wildflower honey, a nectar of unparalleled sweetness and botanical diversity. Our artisans have meticulously combined this liquid gold with the finest ingredients to create a bathing experience that's as opulent as it is nurturing.


With each use, our Queen Bee soap unveils a symphony of rich, floral scents that transport you to a meadow in full bloom. The wildflowers' essence, captured within each bar, offers a fragrant homage to the natural world's intricate beauty.


As you indulge in its gentle caress, you'll discover a subtle exfoliation provided by wildflower honey's natural crystalline structure, leaving your skin soft and refreshed, ready to embrace the world with newfound confidence.


Our Queen Bee soap is a tribute to the diligent artisans who craft it, as well as to the queens who seek a touch of nature's opulence in their daily routine. It's more than soap; it's a daily coronation, an opportunity to pamper yourself with the finest that nature and craftsmanship can offer.


Elevate your bathing ritual with the regal embrace of our Queen Bee soap and let your skin revel in the opulence of nature's bounty.


Sold individually.

Queen Bee

  • Saponified olive, coconut & avocado oils, sodium hydroxide, vitamin E, essential & fragrance oils & mineral pigments.

  • All luxury bars are sent standard shipping, approximately 3-5 business days depending on Post Office delivery schedules.

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